The Imperial School of Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscopes

In 1996 Master Chan Kun Wah opened the Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes teaching the two-year Vocational Training Course. The school developed its curriculum in 2001 and offered Advanced ‘Master classes’ with Master Chan Kun Wah to post-graduate students who wished to further their Chue Style Feng Shui education. In 2006 the school commenced ‘Chinese Horoscope Masters’ examinations for accomplished students who excelled in Chinese Horoscopes. As Master Chan Kun Wah’s direct students had achieved the ‘Masters’ title from his teachings, he achieved the new title of ‘Grand Master Chue Yan Chan Kun Wah’! In 2007 the school extended the ‘Feng Shui Masters’ qualifications to include seven further subject categories. To date, 28 individuals have qualified as ‘Masters’ in our school! Over the years Grand Master Chan has inspired many of his students to open their own Imperial Feng Shui Schools around the world. He has observed, selected, trained and tested specific students, who show potential to become Chue Style Feng Shui teachers.