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Chan Kun Wah

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Yin Feng Shui - Norway
‘Master Class’ with Grand Master Chan
Confirmed - FULL
8th – 10th July 2019
I Ching For Everything NEW
‘Master Class’ with Grand Master Chan
9th – 12th Sept. 2019

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Yin Feng Shui - Norway - NEW
‘Master Class’ with Grand Master Chan

Course Dates: 8th – 10th July 2019
Duration: 3 days
Chue Foundation Member: £675 + £72-mandatory Form teaching for new students = £747.
Non Chue Foundation Member: £810 + £87-mandatory Form teaching = £897.
Location: Rondane National Park. Our base is Hotel Rondablikk, 2642 Kvam, Norway.
Course Standard: This course is only open to Chue Style Feng Shui graduates
Application: Places upon application - students need prior approval before joining course.
Organisation: This course is organised by the Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes Ltd and the Nordic School of Chue Style Feng Shui.
Applying for a place: If you are from Norway, Sweden or Finland, please apply for a place on this course here.
For all other graduates please apply for a place on this course here.
Status: Confirmed - FULL.
For your information: Prior to this Yin Feng Shui course, Chue Norway is hosting the Summer Camp from 4th – 5th July 2019 & 17th Chue Foundation AGM on 6th July 2019.

Please note that a lair burial is not included in the teaching fee. The additional fee for a lair, depends on whether you are a Chue member or not:
1. Chue members
attending the Yin Feng Shui course have an option to bury a foundation for him/herself OR for one immediate family member at GBP 300. The fee for any additional burial is GBP 600 each.
2. Non-Chue members attending the Yin Feng Shui course can bury one foundation for him/herself at GBP 600.
3. Those who are NOT attending the course & would like to have a foundation buried, will have to pay the sum of ‘course fee and burial fee’, subject to their membership status:1 & 2.

Grand Master Chan wishes that the lair burial fee be donated to the new Chue Foundation’s Scholarship Fund. This fund is managed by Grand Master Chan and Master Teri Garcia (CH). There is no guarantee that lairs will be found for everyone. You will receive a refund, if an appropriate lair is not found for you. More details regarding this separate payment for lairs will be available soon.

Description: Grand Master Chan is extremely gifted and practiced in tracing energy in any environment. During this year’s Yin Feng Shui course, we will explore the area south of Rondane National Park. It is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, rugged mountains and lakes. Please see this video of the area. This environment is perfect for Grand Master Chan to teach students how to follow energy and find a location where we can harness the energy of the natural environment for a lair. These lairs can be used to ‘bury your foundation’. We will learn the types of lairs that are suitable for each type of burial, depending on its purpose, location, quality and surroundings. We will also learn some of the conditions required in finding the pulse of each lair. Lairs can be suitable for improving your health, increasing your wealth, helping you have a child or creating greater success or balance in your life. The final day will be in the classroom to collate all our practical experiences. If you have not attended a Yin Feng Shui course before it is compulsory to attend two short, preliminary classroom sessions on 8th & 9th July 2019 with Susanna Lau, Grand Master Chan’s assistant, who will guide you through the mountain Forms. There is an additional teaching fee for these mandatory teachings.

We will base ourselves at Hotel Rondablikk, who’s majestic view (Hotel Rondablikk is the building on the right of the photo above), looks onto the Rondane mountain ranges. It is best to stay at this venue where we have a good deal, as all accommodation and meals are included in the price.

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I-Ching for Everything - NEW
‘Master Class’ with Grand Master Chan

Course Dates: 9th – 12th September 2019
Duration: 4 days
Chue Foundation Member: £900 Non Chue Foundation Member: £1080
Location: Doubletree by Hilton, North Queensferry, KY11 1HP, Scotland.
Course Standard: This course is only open to Chue Style Feng Shui graduates that have attended I-Ching 1.
Application: Places upon application. To apply for a place on this course please click here.
Status: Confirmed

Description: Grand Master Chan will teach us how to read the I-Ching results from throwing coins. The course will cover a wide range of question topics, including Feng Shui, health, relationship, career, finance, buy/sale property, etc. Those who have some knowledge of reading I-Ching kwa will also find the course useful, as Grand Master Chan will provide more in-depth meanings on all the topics. Students can also bring along any I Ching questions where they are unable to accurately interpret the results.

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