Master Classes with
Grand Master
Chan Kun Wah

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Kinship 1 - NEW
‘Master Class’ with Grand Master Chan
10th – 15th June 2017
(Day off – 13th June 2017)

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Kinships 1 - NEW
‘Master Class’ with Grand Master Chan

Course Dates: 10th – 15th June 2017
Duration: 6 days (Day off on 13th June 2017)
Chue Foundation Member: £1125
Non Chue Foundation Member: £1350
Location: Queensferry Hotel, North Queensferry, KY11 1HP, Scotland.
Course Standard: Places upon application. Open to all Chue Style Feng Shui graduates. Students must know how to open the 6 kinships of the hexagrams. It will be advantageous for students to possess knowledge of the Lap Yum Ba Zi prior to attending this course.

Grand Master Chan will share with us his secret knowledge and personal experience in how to assess the energy of a property. He will guide us in the use of the lo-shu number and kinships in each of the 64 kwas. The kinships of both the site and the facing kwas reveal the secrets of a property's energy. All the kinships in each of the 64 kwas have different meanings and can affect humans in different ways. This knowledge is unique to Chue Style Feng Shui. Also, by understanding the kinships of a property’s site and door, you will know what is wrong with the property and whether the chi can get into the property or not. Grand Master Chan’s techniques help to reveal the kind of energy the property is generating and whether the occupants, if any, will benefit. The lo-shu and missing numbers both play important roles in this analysis. This course will strengthen students' skills in both practical consultations and interpreting the 6-kinship I-Ching.

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